Why Elliptical Machines Matter Today

There’s an elliptical in almost every gym, and they’ve been in there for a good while. Despite this, they’re still new to the home exercise world, but they’re selling fast. Why is that? What’s so great about a low-resistance workout, anyway?

Elliptical machines give you the run without your feet and arms ever hitting the ground. Treadmills and pavement give you a high-impact workout, which can cause strain on your joints and even injury. Ellipticals, meanwhile, do not strain any part of your body, keeping every part strong. This means that you can work out in spite of age and injury, and it’s great for physical therapy.

Besides that, they have moveable poles where your arms can move around in an elliptical motion. So what does that do for you? Essentially, you can work your upper and lower body at the same time. The poles work well for upper body, and the pedals work for the lower body. This gives you a full workout with less hassle. Read this article from Elliptical Machine Advice before you rush out to buy an elliptical – they are not all created equal and they have a comprehensive guide to finding your ideal elliptical trainer.

Still not sold? We’ll give you seven good reasons why you should try out an elliptical machine.

They Give You an Excellent Cardio Workout

You can get just as good of a workout on an elliptical as you could with a treadmill or a bike ride. Unless you’re training for a race, the elliptical is the better alternative, pumping your heart rate just as good as the other options. Some ellipticals also have adjustable incline and resistance, so anyone of any fitness level can join along.

It Works For Any Fitness Level

As we just said, the adjustable settings make one machine fit any exercise need. Whether you’re a elliptical machines for exercisechiseled athlete or elderly, an elliptical will help you work out on your own terms. They’re also user friendly, unlike some machines where it’s complicated to do anything with it. Anyone can use it!

Great for Upper Body Workouts

The poles can give you an excellent upper body workout, which you can’t do when you run on a treadmill. Your entire body will be put to the test. There are also static handle bars, which can give you even more options. When you combine both workouts, you can burn even more calories and you’ll be spending less time trying to work out your entire body.

You Get a Better Workout Via Lower Perceived Exertion

When you work out on an elliptical, you have a lower perceived exertion. In English, this simply means that you don’t know how hard you’re really working out. This will increase your workout time much better than a run around the track. Studies can back this up as well, so don’t think that it’s just another fad that’s baseless.

Training at a Higher Tech

There are plenty of bells and whistles on ellipticals, depending on the date of your model. The newer ones have easy-to-use interfaces, ways to keep you entertained, and tools for fitness. Bluetooth options, heart rate checkers, and preset workouts are just a few of the features.

They’re Better for Your Body

As we said, ellipticals are low impact, meaning that they won’t cause any strain on your body. If you have back or joint pain, you can get a great workout without hurting. Plus, you can take the workout as low or as high as you can. Whether you’re young, old, fit, or unfit, you’ll find the perfect medium for your workout.

Ellipticals Are Versatile

They work out your whole body, meaning that ellipticals are by far the most versatile piece of equipment you can find. With its programming, range of motion, and features, it’s good for those who are looking for the all-in-one, the Swiss army knife of gym equipment.


If you’re still not sold, try it out yourself by going to your nearest fitness center. There’s a reason why treadmills aren’t doing as well, and it’s because of the versatile and low-impact power that an elliptical can give you.

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