Should You Run Steps?

Running up stairs is a pastime for many runners. However, is it a good idea? Or is there a reason why you shouldn’t run? To many, the answer is an obvious “yes.”

Why Steps Can Be a Good Workout

Running up stairs can burn calories with ease, and pump up your thigh muscles like none other. You feel the burn in a short amount of time, making a ten minute exercise seem like hours. You begin to sweat, and then learn how to take advantage of your movements. You think that there’s definitely a reason why you should keep running, but there are a few who disagree with that.

Why Running Steps Can Be Dangerous

Despite this, a few people believe that running steps should be avoided. According to some orthopedic doctors, your body weight is too much for one leg to support as it goes up the stairs. With the aggressive way that you do it while running, it can be dangerous. Your body was not designed to go up and down that way in an efficient manner. However, this mainly has to do with people who have been injured. If not, you may not have a problem running up stairs, so there’s no reason why you should avoid it. That said, should you run on steps or try a treadmill?

Treadmill Running Vs. Step Running

Despite what some people say running a treadmill, track or any other flat surface is not as good as running up the stairs. The reason for that is because the balls of your feet and your toes contact your step, not your heel, when you run up therunning_stairs_33 stairs. Why is that important? Well your ankle joint flexes absorbing the shock you feel when you go up or down the stairs. The shock that may be sent to your spine is gone, so that you won’t have to worry about getting neck or back pain.

To many this feels better in the long run than running on a treadmill. When you run on a treadmill for the most part more force goes up your body. This can lead to some annoying pains, such as knee, back, headaches and more. For many this won’t be a problem, but if you suffer from certain ailments, it may affect you more despite the fact that your feet may work perfectly.

Running Steps Is Good for Your Muscles

When you run up stairs it trains your muscles much more than running on a treadmill alone. It’s a great way to build up your glutes, quads, calfs, hamstrings and more. This allows you to run faster and start off fast in races. If you’re a sports player it’s perfect that you run up stairs on occasion. This will keep your legs going strong for years to come.

Overall,stair running is something that everyone should perform if they can. It has many advantages and few disadvantages, and it helps to build your muscles and burn calories. For any exerciser it’s needed.

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