Running Tip for Newcomers: Learn How to Run Like an Olympian

Getting started is the hardest part of running, but once you have gotten the hang of it, you’ll be happy you started. As a recreational runner, I have established lifelong friendships, found solitude, gain motivation and improve my overall health through running – and it didn’t cost me a shilling.

Running can help you to lose weight and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke among other benefits. The best part is you can do it anywhere anytime and the results would be the same.beginner_runner_22

This post is to provide beginners with valuable information on how they can turn running into a safe, enjoyable and sociable event so you can run like an Olympian. During your first couple of runs, you will need an anchor – a form of motivation that will encourage you to continue if the road gets rocky.

The weather won’t always be on your side and your legs might try to rebel during the first few days. Running with your partner, a friend or in a group is a great way to get started. Here are a few this you can follow to avoid common mistakes among beginners.

If you preparing to start running, whether for the first time or you are getting back into the groove, then you will definitely need a few tips for proper running. It is quite hard to learn things like proper breathing, maintaining correct balance and stride all on your own; because of this here are some tips for beginners who are just getting into running.

Running Tips: Breathing

Running methods vary from individual to individual and so to do the breathing methods that are used as well. While it is somewhat difficult to say which method is right and which method is wrong, there are a few tips that anyone can benefit from no matter what their methods.

Mouth-and-Nose Breathing

Inhale using both your nose and your mouth simultaneously and follow through by exhaling through both nose and mouth as well. This breathing method is especially beneficial for persons who find themselves needing a huge lungful of air. This should be done with care since inhaling too much at a given time can give you a stitch in your side.

Nose Inhale, Mouth Exhale

For individuals who have trouble breathing in through their mouths there is a viable alternative. It is recommended that you make an effort to inhale through your nose while subsequently exhaling through your mouth. For many individuals who go running or jogging this is the best way that they find that they can effectively manage and control the rate of their breathing.

Never forget that at all times your breathing should be measured and even before, after and during your run. Make a conscious effort to control your breathing or you may end up fatigued and winded.

Running Tips for Beginners: Posture

Just like proper breathing, proper posture is extremely important as well. Maintaining proper posture ensures that your body’s muscles do not become quickly worn out or damaged as your running gets underway.

Posture Check

Your head should be in an upright position at all times and your eyes should be looking as far as two dozen paces in front of you. Your back should be kept straight with your chest up and slightly out, while your shoulders remain relaxed and your feet planted firm with every step.

Stride Right

Jogging or even running for that matter do not require that you lift your feet higher than is required since it will just mean that energy is being wasted. Long distance running, for exercise or recreation, calls for moderation as it relates to using energy with each step, so you should just raise your feet off of the ground and nothing more. Likewise, just slightly bend your knees to move yourself forward as your run with moderately-sized steps.


It is highly recommended that you don’t clench your hands tightly into fists while running, you should instead clasp them as if you were carrying and egg in each one. Clenching your hands or any other body part (Shoulder, back neck, etc.) means that you are putting that same part of your body under unnecessary stress and strain. Maintaining correct posture make running and jogging far easier.

Nifty Tips for Running: Set the Speed

So just how fast should you run to see the best results? Everyone asks themselves this question when they just start running and it is a question that they should answer on their own.


If you find yourself out of breath before, after or during your run; then it is safe to assume that you are doing something wrong. A simple jog or a light run should not actually push your body to the point where you are out of breath.

It is recommended that you breathe, not only through your nose while running but also through your mouth as well. This means that you should be inhaling through both your nose and mouth simultaneously and consequently exhaling through both as well.

Try singing your favorite song while running to maintain your speed.

The “Right” Way

What is important to note here is that, there are numerous ‘right’ ways that you can vary your breathing that it is hard to be wrong. Each and every individual runners_beginners_32who takes up running will manage their breathing differently; however, the most important thing to remember is that taking shallow half-empty breaths is a big no-no. Instead, whenever you are running your breaths should always be strong and deep, you should fill your lungs with more than enough oxygen each time, giving you more fuel to burn.

Closing Note

Most people have a love/hate relationship for running – we hate the anticipation of getting to the finish line but we love the sense of accomplishment it gives us once we’ve crossed the line. My advice is that you try to make every running experience as fun as possible. Try to listen to some motivational music and apply a “no excuses” mentality to your routine. By doing this you will accomplish much more and look forward to every run.

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