Good Eating Habits After a Workout

So, we’ve looked at how important good nutrition is before your workout – it helps store energy so that you perform at your best. However, the post-workout meal is just as important, as it helps your recovery, which can lead to consistent training. Honestly, taking care of your nutrition after a workout will be very noticeable – you WILL feel better and recover more quickly.

Drinking After You Work Out

After any exercise, you need to make up for lost fluids. Whether it’s water or a sports drink, you need to drink a lot more than most people do! You can get all scientific and weigh yourself before you work out and after, and replace the fluid you’ve lost – around 20-24 fluid ounces of water for every pound. Or just drink as much as you can (within reason) – the body is quite remarkable, it will be difficult to drink too much.

Eating After You Work Out

It’s considered ideal to consume juice or any other form of carbs 15 minutes exercise_eating_drinking_22after you work out so that you restore your glycogen levels. If you eat .3-.6 grams of carbs for every pound of body weight within two hours of exercise, it helps to build up your glycogen stores, which means better recovery and improved performance. If you wait longer than a couple hours, you’ll have 50% less glycogen, which means less energy in the end.

Carbs and Protein for a Speedy Recovery

If you combine both protein and carbs within a half hour time frame, your insulin response will double. In other words, more glycogen stores. You should consume four grams of carbs to every gram of protein.

Eat too much protein and it can slow your glycogen replenishment and make you less hydrated.However, do it correctly and you can have 100% greater stores in your muscle glycogen than someone who only consumes carbs.

Protein After Exercising

Besides that, there are plenty of other reasons why you should consume protein. It gives you more amino acids, which can rebuild your muscle during an intense workout session. In addition, it increases your water absorption so that your muscles become more hydrated. It even helps boost your immunity, which means you’ll get colds less often and have less of a risk for infection.


If you want to refuel your body after a big workout, consume 4:1 in carbs and proteins. Foods can help you out, but drinks high in these can help with digestion, which will mean your body has a higher chance of absorbing everything. Pro athletes are using high energy drinks with protein as an essential, directly after exercise – every time. They know what they are doing – don’t keep making your mistakes! Try it out for yourself.

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