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Nursing Salaries Under the Microscope

nursing salaries

Todays article is about something a little different on this site. In a previous life I trained and worked as a regstered nurse – I know, me!

Well I’ve always had a deep interest in nursing and healthcare in general and recently a good friend of mine from my nursing days got in touch again. Debra runs a nursing website called, it basically provides lots of data and information about different types of nurses and their salaries across all states in the U.S. She also has detailed guides on nurse training and what you need to get started on this career path.

Fascinating stuff I know – if you are not in this line of work. But it is interesting to consider that where you live and work as a nurse can have such a massive impact on your final salary. Most people assume that nurses would earn similar ammounts in any state – wrong.

I’ll share her infographic below – looking at the Registered nurse specialty:

nursing salaries

Help my friend spread the word about her very useful website ….. and help a nurse!